BZP Form A Washers

Code Name Size Packaging Per Outer
W5WAA100 M5 Form A BZP Washers (100) M5 Box of 100 n/a
W6WAA100 M6 Form A BZP Washers (100) M6 Box of 100 n/a
W8WAA100 M8 Form A BZP Washers (100) M8 Box of 100 n/a
W10WA100 M10 Form A BZP Washers (100) M10 Box of 100 n/a
W12WAA100 M12 Form A BZP Washers (100) M12 Box of 100 n/a
W16WAA100 M16 Form A BZP Washers (100) M16 Box of 100 n/a
W20WA100 M20 Form A BZP Washers (100) M20 Box of 100 n/a
PP6WAS30 M6 BZP Form A Washers (30) M6 Pack of 30 10 Packs
PP8WAS30 M8 BZP Form A Washers (30) M8 Pack of 30 10 Packs
PP10WAS20 M10 BZP Form A Washers (20) M10 Pack of 20 10 Packs
PP12WAS20 M12 BZP Form A Washers (20) M12 Pack of 20 10 Packs
PP16WAS10 M16 BZP Form A Washers (10) M16 Pack of 10 10 Packs
PP20WAS5 M20 BZP Form A Washers (2) M20 Pack of 2 10 Packs
PP6NW14 M6 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (14) M6 Pack of 14 10 Packs
PP8NW12 M8 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (12) M8 Pack of 12 10 Packs
PP10NW8 M10 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (8) M10 Pack of 8 10 Packs
PP12NW6 M12 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (6) M12 Pack of 6 10 Packs
PP16NW4 M16 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (4) M16 Pack of 4 10 Packs
PP20NW2 M20 BZP Hex Nuts Washers (2) M20 Pack of 2 10 Packs