Black Roofing Washers

Sealing (Sela) Washers & Caps - BLACK Soft black plastic UV resistant caps and washers used for a weather tight seal for roofing fixings. Commonly used with hook bolts and roofing bolts.  

Plastic Roofing (Dowty) Washers – BLACK A plastic washer commonly used together with a topat on hook bolts.

Topats – BLACK A plastic cover generally used with hook bolts in conjunction with a black plastic roofing washer 

Code Name Size Packaging
W8WAPL100 M8 Black Plastic Rfg Washers (100) M8 Bag of 100
W620SEAL100 M6x20mm Sealing Washers (100) M6 x 20mm Bag of 100
W628SEAL100 M6x28mm Sealing Washers (100) M6 x 28mm Bag of 100
W828SEAL100 M8x28mm Sealing Washers (100) M8 x 28mm Bag of 100
W20SSC100 20mm Shallow Sealing Covers DO NOT USE 20mm Bag of 100
W28SSC100 28mm Shallow Sealing Cover Caps (100) 28mm Bag of 100
W28DEEPSCC100 28mm Deep Sealing Cover Caps (Black) 28mm Bag of 100
W8TOPAT100 M8 Topats (100) M8 Bag of 100